We’ve written several blogs about successfully managing the learning curve for virtual expos, and have repeatedly emphasized that content drives ROI for sponsored digital events. But the language of virtual sponsored content produces challenges of its own. Use the definitions and handy flowchart below to familiarize yourself with the verbiage you’ll need to confidently speak about virtual sponsored content.

Content Player Definitions:

  • Livestream – This is a channel where live/simulive content is broadcast. Only one session can play at a time, so if you require concurrent sessions you will need to purchase a channel for each.

  • Video Player – This is a player where pre-recorded content can be displayed. Video players allow concurrent sessions, which means more than one session at the same time.

  • Simulive – Content is pre-recorded but broadcast live on the livestream so that it appears “live” to the audience.

  • Live – Content is completely in real-time and is not recorded.

Recording Definitions:

  • MP4 File – This is a video in the MPEG-4 video file format, one of the more common video file formats for downloading. Sponsors can be asked to submit an MP4 file, allowing you to upload their content. This is effective if you are not offering audio visual benefits with the sponsorship.

  • Audio Visual Recording and Production – Recording and production can be included in a sponsor’s content package. The AV company will schedule recording time and facilitate the recording of the session.

Question and Answer Definitions:

  • ARS – The Audience Response System (ARS) is used by attendees to ask questions via text.

  • Video Q&A – Utilizing the ARS feature, attendees can ask questions via text, and speakers can answer them live via video or audio.

  • Text Q&A – Utilizing the ARS feature, attendees can ask questions via text, and speakers respond via text.

  • No Q&A – ARS is not used. Speakers can suggest that attendees meet them at their booth for video chat, or add information in their slide deck regarding whom to contact with questions.

Now that you understand the terminology of sponsored educational content, use the flow-chart below to help you understand how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Share this information with your team so that there is no confusion about the type of content you are using, how it will be produced, and how it will be used during your event.

You may also click HERE for a downloadable link to the flowchart and definitions.

Virtual expos are here to stay. Using the information above, you can select the most effective way to broadcast the sponsored content for your event and will have the knowledge to explain the process with confidence.

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