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Our unparalleled expertise and customer service, Cadmium’s best in class event technology.

Our entire staff are experts in Cadmium event technology. Our familiarity with Cadmium’s registration module means that we can interact with attendees, speakers, and exhibitors regarding their registration and access to all Cadmium modules for virtual, in-person or hybrid meeting registration.

We understand association meetings. Registration is often an attendee or exhibitor’s first experience during your event, and first impressions count! Our Registration department is managed by senior conference professionals with an average of 20 years experience specific to association meetings. We integrate seamlessly with association staff, and are dedicated to ensuring that your event participants experience friendly, fast, and hassle-free service.

Services offered:

•  Registration Pricing analysis and strategy
•  Cadmium Registration software setup and testing
•  Workflow analysis, design, and setup (pre-event and onsite)
•  Pre-event registration management and customer service
•  Manage AMS integration with Cadmium
•  Manage hybrid registration and access into all Cadmium products, including virtual platform
•  On-site registration management and customer service
•  On-site badge printing
•  Post-event registration management and customer service
•  Financial reporting and reconciliation
•  Registration reporting (pre-event, onsite, post-event, and historical trends)